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Invitation Form for Cooperation

Savior Intenational School intends to select a number of qualified individuals interested in the education through the interview to complete 
the educational and executive staff for the academic year of 2019-2020.

Therefore, the applicants who are prepared, interested, and required are invited to complete the following form.

  Applicants' Conditions :

1- Having a Bachelor's degree or higher in primary and secondary education 1 or 2 or related fields
2- Have at least 2 years of teaching experience for the training staff
3- Have at least 2 years work experience for the staff
4- Hold relevant training courses in the last five years
5- Having complete health

Notifications :

 (A) Work hours and admission will be either full-time or part-time 
 (B) It is required to complete the courses of knowledge and skills that are announced by the responsible authorities.
(whether starting or serving).

Please send the following form after completing to the Saviorschools@Gmail.com  

Download The Form 

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