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School Tuition & Fees

 Savior International school starts registration for both boys and girls in four levels (2 years pre-school, 6 years elementary school, 3 years secondary school and 3 years higher secondary school).
Classes in pre-school are co-educational and will be held in the morning shift. Similarly, all the classes for girls will be held in the morning shift from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. 
Classes for boys or the afternoon shifts will be held from 1:30 pm  to 6:30 pm.
Students will be enrolled based on their percentage (more than 75%).
The official language of the school is English and all the officials of the school (Iranians or non- Iranians) have complete command over English language.

The educational system of this school is TIS which is the educational system of English and international education in Iran.
Online enrollment is carried out through this site (Internet enrollment), and only parents have to send four pieces of student’s personal photographs along with their original marks sheet of the previous year to the school.
School tuition fee varies according to the class and quota (multiple children-sons of the martyrs-children of the religious scholars-correspondence). 
Parents can pay cash or installments (three or six months). (Step four in online enrollment)

1) Student tuition fees are based on the table set out in the official school web site which has been approved by the Board of Trustees of the International School of Government.

2) The amount of student insurance for one academic year is 300000 Rials.

3) In the event of non-payment of tuition fees at the time appointed by the school, there is no obligation to provide educational services to students such as attendance in the examination, issuing credentials, permission to attend classes, etc. Moreover, the school can prevent the student from attending the school.

4) The student's tuition fee is a tuition card, and in the financial statements of the reference is the citation of the tuition card. In the event of any loss or misrepresentation of the tuition card, any possible consequences for the parents are incurred.

5) In terms of the tuition fee payment, parents upon registration must pay a quarter of the total tuition plus student insurance as a deposit.

6). In regards to the payment method, the tuition fee is a maximum of 5 monthly installments starting from the 31 of Mehr, and the parents will be required to complete the payments by the end of Bahman.

Note: In case of non-payment of each installment, the fees will be calculated and received in accordance with amount that has been approved by ministry of Science and education.

7) Parents have the right to make any changes to the payment method of the installments before the official start of the school year.

8) Tuition fee is calculated immediately after the start of the school year.

9) If a student decides not to attend a pre-primary school one week after the start of the school, 75% of the tuition will be returned, and if he decides not to attend the school one month after the start of the school, 25% of the tuition will be refunded. But after one month and one day, no amount will be returned to the applicants and his guardian.

10) In case a student withdraws from elementary, middle and high schools, the first and second grade students will receive 75% of the tuition to two weeks after the start of the school, and no repayment will be made after that time.

11) In case of cancellation, the parent is legally obliged to pay the remaining amount of debt.

12) Student tuition does not include the cost of the book, uniforms and services, and the provision of these items is the responsibility of parents.

13) Tuition discount for the children of students in the Al-Mustafa University will be applied only during the period of registration of the Tir and Murdad and in other periods there will be no discounts.

14) The discount for the children of the students is limited to the children of the students who are studying at Al-Mustafa University and the graduates do not receive this discount.

15) The tuition fee for all students studying abroad in Iran last year is to be paid in foreign currencies or its equivalent rate in Rial.

16) The tuition fee for all students enrolled whose visa has been gained through the school is to be paid in dollars or its equivalent rate in tomans of that day.

17) Students studying in al-Mustafa are not legally eligible to receive a discount if they are self-sufficient.

18) Discounts for several children of families who have more than one children are as follows: (the discount will go to one of the children only)
A) Two students, 30% discount to lower base students
B) Three students, 45% discount to lower base students
C) Four students, 60% discount to lower base students
D) Five students, 80% discounts to lower undergraduate students

19) In the event of any damage to the school and its property by the student with the knowledge of the parents, the student is obliged to compensate for the damage and pay a fine.

20) Students who apply for an early exam are required to meet the requirements. If approved, the student must pay the tuition for the full year in question.

21) Students who due to special circumstances are applying for early exams, after approval by the school council, must pay one Million Rials for each subject. Obviously, the issuance of the results and report cards will be bound to the school’s official schedules. 

22) In the case of taking an exam in Khordad, a student must pay a sum of five hundred thousand Rials to attend the re-examination for each subject.


Transport service is available for all parts of the city. You can use this service by completing the transportation form (in the third step of registration).
In the beginning of the year, a distinctive uniform for every grade will be decided. The students are liable to come in uniform to the school till the end of the year.

From the beginning of the new school year, the Savior International School has planned out the boarding services (including hostel, treatment, recreation and nutrition) for students from the 10th to 12th grade who are away from their parents (Request for lodging is in the fourth stage of online registration).
With the help of Allah Almighty, we will use all our efforts to promote the growth and development of our children.
Hoping to see you soon

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