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2019 - 2020
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Dear Students and Respected Parents 

As you are fully aware of the recent developments caused by Corona virus outbreak , Monji International schools, like all other schools and universities across the country, are likely to be off in the coming week/s. The Educational Committee of Monji International Schools have decided to hold the classes on cyber space, i.e. Soroush Plus Classes’ Channels. The students need to be active in accomplishing their due assignments and send them to their teachers’ personal Soroush IDs.
Classes' channels in Soroush Plus:

Boys' shift:

grade1: sapp.ir/savior.b.g1 grade2: sapp.ir/savior.b.g2  grade3: sapp.ir/savior.b.g3  grade4: sapp.ir/savior.b.g4
grade5: sapp.ir/savior.b.g5 grade6: sapp.ir/savior.b.g6 grade7: sapp.ir/savior.b.g7 grade8: sapp.ir/savior.b.g8
grade9: sapp.ir/savior.b.g9 grade10: sapp.ir/savior.b.g10 grade11: sapp.ir/savior.b.g11 grade12: sapp.ir/savior.b.g12
Girls' shift: 

grade1: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g1 grade2: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g2 grade3: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g3  grade4: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g4
grade5: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g5 grade6: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g6 grade7: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g7 grade8: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g8
grade9: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g9 grade10: sapp.ir/savior.girls.g10 grade11: sapp.ir/savior.girls11 grade12: sapp.ir/savior.girls12


For Download of Soroush+ for Windows (Recommended), Android, IOS: 


The 1st international festival of aerospace industry in Iran
for high school and college students.


the 1st Futsal competition
held by Monji International Schools on the 27th
 of February.



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