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 Principal’s Welcome

Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim

Salamun Alaikum

Welcome to Savior International School (S.I.S.) Learning Institute, a complete developmental and educational program for all students. S.I.S. High School takes great pride in the fact that we are among the first Shia International School in Iran and its branches in other countries with a rigorous academic & spiritual program.

Our focus is on excellence whether it is spiritual or academic. We believe academics and spirituality go hand in hand and this is necessary for the building of a complete and strong personality in our students.

We have dedicated and qualified high school teachers that have a genuine interest in the success of your child. Our high school program is designed to give students the opportunity to accelerate their education, thereby giving an added advantage when applying for University. In addition, we are the only Islamic International school with a Ministry approved Islamic Studies curriculum.

We hope to build a strong and vibrant community for our students, a community that leads by positive examples. We are linked with professionals in varying fields to mentor and guide students in the career of their choice while maintaining a strong Islamic identity.

Our students participate in various other competitions including sports, science fairs and University Math & Science competitions. We have an interesting PE programs, using Takhti Stadium benefit. At S.I.S., there is never a dull moment.

I invite you to visit us and see what the future can hold for your child. At S.I.S., we believe in developing our students to be the very finest, as is required for the Imam of Our Time. May Allah SWT hasten his reappearance and accept us as his followers.

Ali Alavian


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