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Pre-registration and registration guide

Savior International School

Academic Year 2020-2021

  1. Preregistration Part
    1. The Monji International School Students and their kind parents are to be informed about the pre-registration and registration dates as following:


      Pre-Registration of current students

      Finalizing current students’ registration

      Pre-Registration of new students

      Finalizing new students’ registration

      Late Arrivals


      May 30– June 6

      (khordad 10 - 17)

      June 7– June 22

      (khordad 18 -Tir 2)

      May 30– June 6

      (khordad 10 - 17)

      June 7– June 22

      (khordad 18 -Tir 2)

      September 1 – September 10

      (Shahrivar 11 – 20)

      - Elementary

      - Junior High School

      - High School

      June 13– June 25

      (khordad 24 -Tir 5)

      June 27 – July 13

      (Tir 7 - 23)

      July 14– July 17

      (Tir 24 - 27)

      July 14– July 23

      (Tir 24 – 2 Mordad)


    1. Pre-registration can be done in two ways:
      1. Online: through http://www.saviorschools.com
      2. Offline: Coming to school and filling the forms there.
    2. The time of registration for Girls and KG Students [Morning Shift] is 7:30 to 12 in the morning.
    3. The time of registration for Boys [Evening Shift] is 13:00 to 17:30 in the afternoon. 

      Note: The working hours of the Morning Shift are from 7:00 to 13:00 and the Evening Shift is from 13:00 to 19:00.

    4. Each student will be registered on its appropriate timing. And at no point will registration be done in the opposite Shift.

    5. Pre-registration and registration of your student is possible in two ways; online: by visiting the school's website at http://saviorschools.com , and Off Line (by referring to Savior School) 
    6. Parents who are not present in the country during the pre-registration and registration period must come to school to register their kids or they have to register online when they are abroad.   

      (Obviously, pre-registration is not considered as the final registration; it is only for the sake of tuition discounts and seat reservations).

    7. If the current student does not register on time and the available capacity is completed by other students, then the school management should not be blamed.

    8. The school will not register any student, if it faces shortage of capacity.

    9. Considering the designated time for the student’s interview, it is worth mentioning that if he does attend the interview or does not an already reserved time, the school will not be held responsible of any possible consequences (capacity shortage, no tuition discount for seminary students' children, non-registration due to non-approval by the interviewers, etc.).

      * Discounts apply only during the main registration period and no discount is applied at later period.

    10. Student registration will be bound to the payment of registration fee, passing registration process and being approved in interview level; therefore, in case of disruption and rejecting the student at any level, the school will not be liable to any criticism.

      * In case of non-acceptance of a student, registration will not be reversed at any stage of the registration processes.

    11. According to the disciplinary and educational rules of the school, students with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of less than 75 and a disciplinary score of less than 95 will not be accepted in the school and their admission will only be virtual. 

    12. You must provide the necessary documents during pre-registration and registration period, and those will include:

      A: New 4x3 Photos (2 for current students, and 4 for new students).

      B: The hard copy of student passport (with a valid residence permit, Sanad code *)

      C: The hard copy of parent’s passports.

      D: The hard copy of the last two years Report Cards.

      E. Health certification card should also be brought along. First-graders will have to come in person and get a health assessment appointment.

    Sanad (Student Electronic Registration System) code:

    * In case of online registration, complete and send the relevant commitment letter form and after visiting the country, follow the process below to receive the documentation.

    * Sanad code is the student identification code in the comprehensive education system of the country.

    * Sanad code will be issued according to the comprehensive code on the final page of the student's passport.

    * Comprehensive code will only be issued for a valid residence passport.

    * If there is no comprehensive code, refer to the Immigration Police.

    * In order to receive the Sanad code, refer to Mr. Fadhlullahi's office along with the original student’s international passport, a valid residence permit and a comprehensive code, at the following address:

    Address: Shohada Street (Safaiyeh), Qom District 1 Education and Training Office, first floor, left side at the end of the hall.

    13. Dear parents, first graders should go to school to receive a health assessment appointment for they do not need a health card at the beginning of the registration process.

    14. If all the above items are completed, please refer to the registration (office), otherwise the registration will not take place.

    15. Completion of registration is bound to the student’s financial situation.

    16. In case of attendance cancellation at school after the registration has been finalized, the refund will be in accordance with the rules of the financial contract.

    17. Parental membership via at least one of the general school channels and the student's class channel is required.

    18. Due to the situation caused by Covid19 disease and the applicable instructions by the Ministry of Education and the Crisis Headquarters of the country and Qom province (in particular), it is possible to change the way school classes are held from in-person to virtual (online class). Therefore, dear parents, kindly obtain the necessary information and predictions for enrolling in the school for the next academic year.

    * In case there is a change in the status of educational system from in-person to virtual or vice versa, parents and students are obliged to follow the rules and processes of the school.

    19. It is necessary to study and be informed of the moral and financial charters of the school. Therefore, we ask the respected parents to refer to the school's website to study these instructions and guidelines.

    20. Everyone should provide his students with the books and uniform; therefore, the students without books and uniforms will not be allowed to enter the school.

    21. The Parents and students will be held accountable of any consequences for not knowing the schools’ rules and not paying attention to the rules and processes.

    22. In order to be informed of the latest school news after registration, parents’ membership in the general and class channels of the school is mandatory (it is worth mentioning that the possible consequences of non-membership are on parents).



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