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A Preregistration and Registration Manual

Monji International School

Academic Year 2019-2020

  1. Preregistration Part
    1. The parents and students are to be informed that the preregistration and registration timing for the new Academic Year 2019-2020 of Monji International School is as follows:

      Present students

      New Students

      Late Arrivals


      June 22– July 6

      June 22– July 6

      August 23 - September 6

      (Tir 1 - 15)

      (Tir 1 - 15)

      (Shahrivar 1 – 15)

      - Elementary

      - Junior High School

      - High School

      July 6 – July 16

      (Tir 15 - 25)

      July 20 – July 24

      (Tir 29 – Mordad 2)

      September 14 – September 16

      (Shahrivar 23 – 25)




      On/ Offline Pre Registration

      June 22– July 6 (Tir 1 - 15)


    1. Pre-registration can be done in two ways:
      1. Online: through http://www.saviorschools.com
      2. Offline: Coming to school and filling the forms there.
    2. The discount which is dedicated to al-Mustafa International University Students’ sons and daughters will be applicable only if they applied for registration on the above-mentioned date. There will be no discount beyond the date mentioned.
    3. The parents who go to abroad during preregistration and registration times, need to take measures for preregistration and registration of their children either by coming to school or by filling online forms. [needless to say, preregistration does not imply that a student is accepted. The only benefit for pre-registration is to get a discount).
    4. If the current students do not take steps forward for the preregistration process, and the school fills to capacity, the administration is not to be held responsible.
    5. We will stop the registration of students once the classes filled to capacity.
    6. Since we have dedicated a specific session for interview of students, if you do not refer on pre-determined time, you will be held responsible for any possible consequences (such as capacity completion, receiving no discount which is dedicated to religious students and etc.).
  2. Registration Part
  1. Registration of the students is bound to going to preregistration process and getting approval of the authorities in interview session. The school will not register a student who fails in interview.
  2. Based on disciplinary and educational laws of the school, the students who acquire less than 95 marks from general behavior and less than 75 percent [an average of the whole subjects and marks] will not be accepted. However, they can enroll in online platform of the school.
  3. The students who meet all the conditions should have the following documents for registration:
    1. Student’s Passport
    2. Parents’ Passports
    3. Visa or Residence Permit of the student
    4. Two New Photos of the student
    5. Health Card (only for students of grades of one, sixth and eleventh).
  4. Completion of the registration process will be bound to clarifying one’s financial status.
  5. The school will be in the same location but there are probabilities that the school building may change. Thus, we request all the parents to take care of this key point.
  6. He who avoids coming to school after finalizing the whole registration process, the money will be returned to him/her based on school’s financial regulations.
  7. For further information and the latest news, just join the school’s public channel or the classes’ particular channels in Sorush, Eta or Telegram. The parents will be responsible for not joining the channels. You can also refer to our website: http://saviorschools.com
  8. You can find the school channel in Sorush, Eta or Telegram with the following name: @saviorschools
  9. The school official number in the said channels is: (+98) 9366969796
  10. Every student has to provide books and school uniform before coming to school. Thus, the students who come without books or uniform will not be allowed to enter the school on the very first day.
  11. The parents and students must be fully aware of the ethical codes and financial rules of Monji School. Therefore, they are requested kindly to refer to our website and study those codes of practices thoroughly.

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