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Diploma Program at Savior International School

 TIS is about developing the whole student, helping students know how to learn, how to analyze, how to reach considered conclusions about mankind, its language and literature, its ways in society, and the scientific forces of its environment.  We convinced that the TIS program’s greatest value lies not in its ability to boost GPA’s and build resumes for college.  We believe that TIS fosters a kind of independence, an interdisciplinary style of thinking and questioning that creates worldly scholars and global citizens.  For this reason, the TIS diploma and individual TIS coursework are widely recognized by universities around the world as a symbol of academic excellence and one of the strongest educational experiences available in secondary education today.

TIS is geared for the student who is willing to work hard and seeks increased learning opportunities and challenge. 

We hope that you will take full advantage of the TIS Program while you are at Savior International School.  Regardless of which path you think you might choose what is most important is that you pursue the path that interests and motivates you.


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