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Primary School

 Primary school comprises of Grades 1 to 6.

The TIS offers a comprehensive academic program starting from kindergarten/pre-school and continuing all the way through high school. As elementary school is the first formal educational period for children, it has an important role in their life. At the beginning of this period they enter a new environment which is different from their family life.  

Through their attempts, the children finally adapt to the new environment. Here they build friendships and gains self-confidence. But, more importantly, they need to improve their concentration and interest in learning. It is our duty at the TIS to create such a warm environment where your kids are encouraged and supported, academically as well as emotionally, throughout the school year.



Subjects :


Math is more than memorizing rules and procedures; it is a process through which students investigate and acquire knowledge of number sense and numeration, patterns and relationships, geometry and spatial sense, all for developing critical thinking skills.
TIS math instruction encourages children to investigate, discuss, question, and verify. A primary goal for the study of mathematics in the elementary is to give children experiences that promote their ability to solve the problems and to build mathematics from situations generated within the content of everyday experiences.
Students are also expected to make conjectures and conclusions and to discuss their reasoning in words, both written and spoken with, graphs and charts with manipulative. Throughout the elementary grades there are numerous and varied interrelated experiences that encourage each student to develop mathematical habits of mind.


 Learning science at TIS is something students do, not something done to them. As students progress through the elementary grades they are encouraged to think scientifically.
They will describe objects and events, ask questions, construct explanations and test them against current scientific knowledge, and effectively communicate their ideas to others. Throughout the science program students are helped to develop an understanding of what science is, what science is not, what science can and cannot do, and how science contributes to culture.

§Social Studies

TIS students live in a complex, multicultural and rapidly ever changing world. The purpose of the elementary social studies is to assist young people in developing their abilities to make reasonable decisions to be good citizens in a society with various cultures. The social studies students are divided into different large themes. These themes act as the foundation upon which all instructions set.


There is computer education program in elementary curriculum. In which the new technology is to integrating this learning process. In this program the history of computer, some hardware and software, word processing logo programming are thought and studied.

§Islamic Studies

The religious program at TIS is sensitive to the diverse spiritual backgrounds of all students.
The Islamic Studies program promotes an atmosphere that fosters moral and spiritual growth while challenging each student to explore new levels of self-building


 For those students who are not proficient in English language, an English language program is in progress. TIS English program is to provide non-English speaking students with the necessary language skills to enable them to function adequately and effectively in main courses. The program is designed to enable students to participate confidently in the main courses.


 Farsi language instruction is mandatory from grade one to Six. Each elementary grade has 3 different levels of Farsi instruction into which are placed according to their ability. The Farsi language program emphasizes language acquisition, but also promotes an awareness of the Iranian culture through various classroom activities.


Arabic the language of religion is also taught to students from grade 1. They have to be able to speak Arabic fluently by grade 9. 

§Quran Memorization program

There are 2 important goals in their Quran program.

1.   Memorizing short Surah’s of Quran from Grade 1 and finishing memorization of 30th Joz of Quran by grade 6.

2.   Familiarity with Quranic concepts on the Surah’s they already memorized.


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