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Dear Parents and Students! 
If you want to know about school official days and holidays, examinations dates, important school events 
and... check school calendar.


We are delighted to announce that the robotic team of Savior International Complex won second place in the Kish International Robotic Competition.

The school congratulates this triumph to the hardworking students, their instructor, and their families



Respected parents and dear students!

We are pleased to announce that Savior School is shifting to the new location and the classes will be held in the new place from Saturday, September 28th .
Followings are the address of the location from 3 ways:

1. Qom, Inqilab Street (Chahar Mardaan) at the end of the alley 18 on the right, the first alley on the right. 
2. Qom, Ammar Yassir Street, end of alley 5 , then turn left, first alley on right.
3. Qom, Azar Street, Alley 102 , after the passage of Shah Hamza (AS) Holy Shrine the first alley on the left. 

In case you have any questions you can contact the school mobile numbers :

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Respected Parents and their students

In order for your students’ office works (like issuing certificates, paying off the debts and etc.) be done promptly,
please come to Monji International School on every Sunday and Monday only. Needless to say, such services
are not going to be offered on other days.

Pre-School & Kindergarten

   In our Pre-school and Kindergarten environment, we strive to create diverse, enriching learning opportunities for our community of young learners. There are multiple opportunities for children to experiment with and extend early literacy and math skills, as well as to develop an appreciation and understanding of science, social studies and the arts. Our environment has been created to encourage the development of autonomy among children. Collaboration among children is encouraged and facilitated, as we see this as critical to the construction of knowledge. ...

Primary School

Primary school comprises of Grades 1 to 6. The TIS offers a comprehensive academic program starting from kindergarten/pre-school and continuing all the way through high school. As elementary school is the first formal educational period for children, it has an important role in their life. At the beginning of this period they enter a new environment which is different from their family life. Through their attempts, the children finally adapt to the new environment ...

Middle School

   Middle school comprises of Grades 6, 7, and 8. We encourage a strong partnership with parents with the knowledge that high performing middle schools rely upon such positive relationships throughout the school community. The following subjects are taught in middle school: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer/IT, Islamic Studies , General English, Literature, Mathematics, Persian, Physical Education, Physics, Second Language (Arabic) , (Natural) Science, and Social Science.

High School

l High school is a period in which the adolescent student must negotiate fundamental transformations in their development towards maturity and adulthood. As the recent discoveries in the field of psychiatry have shown, many psychological conditions and emotional disorders either begin to exist or surface during adolescence. (One such common type of disorder, especially in teenage girls, is the widely known but hardly treated ‘depression’.) It is important for all of us to recognize that our children’s assumptions and beliefs are shaped by their own cultural backgrounds and values which, in turn, will definitely affect their developing adolescent identity...

Diploma Program at Savior International School

   Diploma Program at Savior International School TIS is about developing the whole student, helping students know how to learn, how to analyze, how to reach considered conclusions about mankind, its language and literature, its ways in society, and the scientific forces of its environment.  We convinced that the TIS program’s greatest value lies not in its ability to boost GPA’s and build resumes for college.  We believe that TIS fosters a kind of independence, an interdisciplinary style of thinking and questioning that creates worldly scholars and global citizens.  For this reason, the TIS diploma ...

The Academic Program

The Academic Program: The model school is to have the following levels: Pre-school & Kindergarten Primary School Secondary School   High School Diploma Program The school year is divided into two terms as the following: First Term: September 23 - December 24 Second Term: January 2 - June 20 School hours: Our center is in session Saturday through Wednesday from 7:30 A.M. to 1 P.M for morning shift and from 1:15 P.M to 6:30 P.M for evening shift.

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