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Why is Savior's Education of Great Excellence

Savior International Schools’ education is paramount for your children because we do not only educate for the purpose of finishing a term, book or course, rather, we objectively target the spiritual, mental and physical training of our students. Passive learning, memorizing theories and learning calculations, is tabooed in our school. We focus on active learning, where the students learn to structure and apply knowledge in their lives.

Apart from our proven and guaranteed teaching-learning model, we strive our best to arrange Islamic extracurricular programs. We believe and see it as our priority number one duty to train our students morally in the Islamic way in order that the knowledge they gain is channeled in the righteous direction.


We offer state of the arts IT Laboratory, Science Laboratory, Library and a spacious Playground

Diverse Extracurricular Programs

We offer Islamic Camps, Educational Tours, Sports, Weeky Clubs and Societies, Agricultural Activities, Business Adventures and many other extra-curricular programs for our students, to guarantee spiritual, mental and physical growth

Qualified teachers and staff

We sensitively select teachers of indiscriminate backgrounds, who are confident in their teachings and are dominant in their fields. Our Teachers are morally fit and mentally boasting and are seen as role models for students, not only in the classes, but outside as well.

All English Environment

Our staff and students are from 40+ different nationalities, yet we are all united by speaking English Language. We strictly ensure all communications are in English Language for optimal teaching-learning environment. All of our resources and teaching material are of International English Standard