Registration for the next academic year

Interview capacity at Taha School is full !

Dear Parents and students:

There’s no anymore interview slot for registration at Taha international school (Boys shift).
Please be patient and wait for the upcoming announcements.

Thank you so much for choosing Savior International Schools.


Dear parents,

please take note of the following important points:

– Parents who have successfully reserved an interview for their children at Taha School are advised to arrive 10 minutes early at the Savior School (Taha branch) located on Azar Street, Alley 75.

– The admission department is located on the school campus, in room X. Parents are requested to visit this area first.

– Upon acceptance of the interview by educational experts, parents have 72 hours to upload identity documents and pay 30% of the tuition fee on the site (Https://portal.saviorschools.com/login).

Please note the following conditions for admissions at Savior International Schools:

1. Students are required to bring their most recent report card.
2. The student’s minimum GPA for the latest academic year must be 75%.
3. Proficiency in English language is a prerequisite for admission.
4. Both students and parents must hold passports from other countries.

For any registration inquiries, please contact the Admission Phone at 09058384005 or Etaa at @admissionsaviorboys.

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