15th Shaban

Imam Mahdi’s Birthday is a national holiday in Iran on Mid-Sha’ban, the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is on his birthday that he will bring the east and west of the world to justice, and by his powerful hand annihilates demons (‘ifrit), infidelity and irreligiousness.

We are honored to finally share the announcement of our hard work: This Shaban, to celebrate the birth anniversary of our Living Imam (AJ), we students are setting up a Mawkib for the following sections:

Children’s section

Teenagers’ section

Hospitality section

The Mawkib of Monji International School (Savior Companions) on Haram-Jamkaram road (pillar 28) is ready to serve the pilgrims from 4ht Esfand. We joyfully invite you to share in this blessed ceremony. All respected parents and students are welcome. Your presence will make it memorable.

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