Frequently asked questions.

What are the requirements for enrolling at Savior International School?

For registration in the pre-school section of Savior School, all Iranian and non-Iranian students have the possibility to register. For registration in Savior schools (elementary, middle school, and high school levels), students or parents who have non-Iranian citizenship or have resided outside the country for at least two years can proceed with registration.

How is Persian language instruction conducted in the complex?

Persian language instruction for non-Persian speakers is provided at the complex through Persian language classes. If students have a greater interest in mastering this language, they can become familiar with Iranian language and culture through the Savior Academy.

How is the International General Diploma issued by Savior Complex?

The International General Diploma is issued by the complex, and students can use it to apply for further education in international universities after graduation.


Are the educational certificates issued by Savior Complex valid in Iran?

Yes, the educational certificates issued by NIKOO Complex are valid and recognized by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Education International Affairs Center.

Can Savior Complex students enroll in universities?

Graduates from Savior Complex with an International General Diploma can apply for further education in both local and international universities. However, the process of verifying the certificates must be completed through the respective embassies and the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Are there any special extracurricular programs in Savior Complex?

Savior International Educational Complex offers various extracurricular activities such as specialized sports in 10 different disciplines, computer skills, and intellectual games to enhance skills beyond academic teachings.


What educational system is implemented in Savior Complex?

The educational system at Savior Complex is based on a skill-centered methodology designed to develop citizens for the third millennium, incorporating modern approaches and international standards.


Does Savior Complex provide transportation services for students?

Yes, Savior International Educational Complex offers school transportation services for the convenience of students and their families.

Where do Savior Complex’s educational materials come from?

Educational materials for the complex are sourced from reputable international publishers like Cambridge and Pearson to ensure adherence to international educational standards.

Is there a possibility for students to transfer to Savior Complex from other international schools?

Yes, students can transfer from other international schools to Savior Complex, provided they meet the necessary requirements for enrollment.

How should I proceed to enroll my child in Savior International Complex?

To register, parents simply need to visit the school’s website and follow the process of online pre-registration if they meet the requirements and conditions. In the next step, they can schedule an interview appointment and attend the designated time at the complex. Subsequent admission steps will then be conducted.

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