1st Term Examination Timetable

Dear parents and students, In the file you can see the timetable of “First End-Term” examinations (Written)

✅ Please check the dates, times and the subjects carefully.

✅ The Oral and Practical exams will be held the week before written exams.

✅ The total mark of each exam will be 70.

✅ All the Primary school ( grade 1 to 6) classes will be held during the exams, and the Primary students should attend the school even in those day they have no exam and should come to the school at 7:30 .

✅Remember that the students of grade 7 to 12 come to the school in the exam days only to have the exam, so they do not have class.

✅ Grade 7 to 12 will start the exam at 10:30 a.m

✅ All the students of grade 7 to 12 are required to be present at the exam session at least 15 minutes before the exam.

✅ Students are not allowed to bring books or any kind of unnecessary items with themselves.

✅Wearing the uniform is mandatory during the exam days.

exam timetable

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