March 22nd Bahman

Do we have any verses in the Quran about participating in rallies i.e. Feb 11(Bahman 22)?

Answer: No organized movement that angers the disbelievers takes place unless a reward for righteous deed is recorded for it. [Quran 9:120]

Therefore, “the February 11 rally is a righteous act approved by God” because:

1) It angers the enemies of Islam and Muslims.

2) It is a form of collective worship.

3) It enjoins right and forbids wrong.

4) It shows allegiance to Islam, the revolution, and disavowal of disbelief and arrogance.

5) It bolsters the morale of the people and threatens the enemy.


Join Us for the March on 22nd Bahman

Date: Sunday, February 11th (22nd Bahman)

Meeting Point: Musalla (Janbazan Square, next to the park entrance)

Time: 9:00 AM

We will be waiting for you, holding the flag of Savior School. Let’s raise our voices and stand together in unity.

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