Martrydom Anniversary of Lady Fatima Tu Zahra (S.A)

Hazrat Zahra (SA), also known as Fatemeh, is the daughter of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the wife of Imam Ali (AS), the first Shia imam. She is also the mother of Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hossein (AS). The martyrdom of Lady Fatima al-Zahra (a) is one of the common and lasting beliefs among Shi’as, according to which Lady Fatima (a), the daughter of the Prophet of Islam (s), did not die a natural death but was rather martyred due to injuries inflicted to her. After several incidents that led to the martyrdom of Fatima al-Zahra (as), including the attack on her house, the abortion of her child, and slapping and flogging her, she passed away at the age of 18.

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