Preschool’s registrations

Savior International Educational Complex registers for the academic year 2024-2025 in the preschool level (4 to 6 years) with limited capacity:
🔺Taking advantage of the latest scientific and educational achievements based on international education approaches
🔺 Adhering to educational principles in accordance with Islamic topics
🔺 The possibility of studying in an English-speaking environment, with the presence of native students and different nationalities
🔺 Teaching and acquiring personal and social skills in the form of games and according to the age of the students
🔺Using experienced teachers and experts in the field of educating children
🔺 A happy and dynamic environment for the growth and development of the talents of the kids
🔺 Presenting an internationally valid certificate at the end of the educational course at the preschool level.
For more information, please visit the Preschool  Eitaa channel ;  @Savior_Preschools

Phone: 09333234105

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