Registration for the academic year 2024-2025

Respected parents,
Admission website is now open for interview reservations❗️
Please pay attention to the following notes:
1. “Yakta” code is required for registration. If you don’t have “yekta” code, refrain from reserving time.
2. Deliver the following documents personally to the admission:

– Last year report card for new student
– Six photos (3*4 cm) for all students
3. If you are unable to attend the reserved time, please inform the admission officer at +989058384005 or Etaa at @admissionsaviorboys.

If the capacity is full, please wait for the upcoming announcement.

The website login

Dear parents
The logging in process for the new students is as followes:
The gaurdian should first create an account and then login.
For the current students of the school the guardian should enter his cellphone number as username and the last four digits of the number as password to login.

Please visit:

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